Long Chang (Panyu Plant) Co., Ltd. (LCPP), founded in 2002, one of the best equipped embroidery lace manufactures, strategically located in Panyu of China, has been successful in managing the Balance of the reactivity and customized solutions, which encompass every stage of production, from initial development through manufacturing to logistics.
Our ultimate goal is to be a reliable partner by providing solutions of embroidery product to both brands and industrial manufacturers of intimate apparel.
With critical and careful selection of yarn, backing and of their various combinations, and the latest embroidery and finishing technologies on the most advanced machines, we develop and produce high quality embroidery products in serving our customers.
Starting from idea generating, material refinement…to finishing know-how, our products are born with individual shape of highest quality. We’re utilizing the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated day by day to develop a business model in the form of product and service in meeting our customers’ requirements.
Energetic and well-trained team secures the precise operation of every step starting from sketch, punching, prototype, bulk, and finishing.Lead time and quality are assured by on-the-process quality control of each step/point based on the keyword of “point of no return”.
We believe in building up an atmosphere we believe and breathe, that accommodates the differences in harmony and in mutual respect. We take pride in our way of living and being a responsible corporate citizen.